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Rex Liu, D.D.S ~ Obstacles Overcome

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Dec-Jan 2009

The past is not only filled with such pleasant memories. It is also filled with powerful pains that spurred the young man to achieve much more than seemed possible. Young Rex was taken from his home in Maryland where he lived with his biological father and stepmother due to domestic violence and child abuse. At only 12 years of age, he was placed in the foster care system where he was shuttled from one home to another.

Now with the hurts of the past behind him, it is hard to imagine this positive and ebullient man as the child who suffered so much. His life is filled with love including that of his beloved German Shepherds, his adoring staff and, of course, his mother. This kind and gentle man spends his days improving the smiles of others while wearing his own genuine smile of peace and satisfaction. Read More..

By: BLVD Magazine

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